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**Correspondence to Chad Connor (son of Carol) from Barbara** I still remember Carol sitting at her kitchen table, smoking, saying she did not think she’d ever need Long-Term Care insurance, and I was dancing to get her Something, even facility only, because she had said, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children.” When I hear that and I hear the emotion behind it, I go to town to get past the totally human denial mechanism.” ——————————- **Reply to Barbara from Chad Connor** “I never knew that story about my Mother sitting at the table with you. It pretty much brought tears to my eyes. It’s funny, but I often think back, and very fondly, of you, ‘Sunshine Villa,’ ‘Hospice,’ etc. My Mother’s pain, not-withstanding, it’s an experience that I would never trade in for the world. I really want to thank you for all your love, support, and compassion concerning my Mother’s ordeal. She’s at peace now, but YOU made a difference in your own way in helping with her transition to Heaven. I truly believe that. Anyway, you can absolutely use my comments and name (full, if you want). You take care, and God bless,” ——————————- ***Reply to Chad from Barbara*** It means a lot to me to hear and see words like that–it makes it all VERY worthwhile, as well as gives folks some idea of what LTC is all about and why they may wish to be my client when they need assistance transitioning, or better, healing. You have said it all very elegantly and beautifully. Thank you.
Chad Connor
Chad ConnerCalifornia