(CA License #0715625)

My name is Jesse Blount.  I am a forty year resident of northern California and recently celebrated my 75th birthday.  My first familiarity of the concept of long term health care came from Barbara Hanson about ten years ago as part of a purely social conversation.  Three years later, she convinced me to take out a policy with her to help “guard against future health surprises.”  In 2007, my first surprise occurred when this healthy, tennis playing activist was surprisingly hospitalized for one month with a disabling attack of septic gout and arthritis from which I have never completely recovered.

Following my hospital stay, I entered an assisted living facility where I live today.  My long term care insurance paid about $45,000 of my rehabilitation costs.  For two additional years, my assisted living expenses has been paid in full through my insurance policy, with a total payout to date of more than $80,000.  Through Barbara’s direct involvement, I have been able to avoid what would almost certainly have been a personal financial catastrophe.  I will always be grateful to her for her guidance through this very difficult time in my life.

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